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Love in the Courtly Tradition - Literature Essay Samples

In the Franklins Tale, Geoffrey Chaucer satirically paints a picture of a marriage steeped in the tradition of courtly love. As Dorigen and Arveragus relationship reveals, a couples preoccupation with fulfilling the ritualistic practices appropriate to courtly love renders the possibility of genuine love impossible. Marriage becomes a pretense to maintain courtly position because love provides the opportunity to demonstrate virtue. Like true members of the gentility, they practice the distinct linguistic and behavioral patterns which accompany the strange doctrine of courtly love. The characters true devotion to the relationship becomes secondary to the appearance of practicing the virtues of truth, honor, and generosity. After establishing the inverted hierarchy of values, Chaucer paints a bleak picture of the potential for love and relationships in a world in which a distinction needs to be made between secular and private roles. Dorigen differentiates between hir housbonde and hir love (250) and Arveragus distinguishes between his lady and his wyf (125).Immediately, Chaucer signals the practice of chivalric courtship as the knight who is of noted heigh kinrede (63) ceremoniously completes the many a labor (60) of a courtly lover. The description of the duties that must be undertaken by a classic courtly lover seeking a wife for social fulfillment corruptss the image of courtship being motivated by the existence of true love. The emphasis on the inconvenience with which Arveragus, dide his payne (57) suggests he performs many a greet empryse (59) out of obligation and convention rather than as a part of a genuine amorous pursuit. The weakly disguised presence of the ye in each of these words announces Arveragus awareness of the eyes of the courtly audience observing his performance. The concern with the outward appearance of the relationship extends to Dorigen as she dutifully accepts his proposal as a means of repaying the distresse (65) undergon e by her lover. The brief description of the couples courtship covers only 13 lines, suggesting that the relationships foundation has little time to progress beyond the preliminary stages of lusty, physical attraction before the marriage is instated. Framing the already bleak portrayal of this accord, (69) a word typically used to refer to business agreements or compromises, is the contractual terminology of their agreement which further downplays the emotional foundation of the relationship. Instead, the negotiated terms that frendes everich other moot obeye (171) indicate that the lovers are settling for amicable companionship. The agreement itself is ridden with contradictory terms trying to reconcile the tensions between the inner sphere where passionate love resides and the outer sphere which operates under the codes of courtly love. The two agree that Arveragus will be her Servant in love, and lord in merrage (121), but the in reality these two social positions are mutual ly exclusive, indicating the impossibility of the success of this relationship. One of the two will have to be the dominating figure for it to survive, but then this will eliminate the possibility of love which wol nat ben constreyned by maistrye (92). The lawe of love (126) in the medieval period mandates that a husband is the lord of his wife, and Arveragus grants her sovereignty only within the scope of their private life because he must uphold the tradition of male domination in the outside world. Arveragus promise to becomes a way to demonstrate that [p]acience is a heigh vertu (101). Always aware of the connection between his actions and his rank he states, Save that the name of soveraynetee, / That wolde he have for shame of his degree. (79-80). If the two truly were in love, these sorts of issues would not need to be settled or would even arise because a couple would assume that a wife would be true to her husband and that he would treat her with respect and honor. I nstead, marriage is being used to further ones opportunity to perform noble and virtuous roles, explaining the struggle between a lovers commitment to his personal or public life. Chaucer foreshadows the improbable success of this duality with the Dorigens proclamation, Ne wolde never God bitwixe us tweyne (171). Not only does this contain a double negative, suggesting that a force will indeed disrupt this arrangement, but the phraseology also indicates that their relationship will be without God who should be a uniting force in any marriage. Chaucer takes pains to mention that [t]he joye, the ese, and prosperity (132) of their relationship last only a yeer and more (134). Chivalric loves preoccupation with appearances impels behavior that stymies the success of love. In addition to the previously noted irony of a lover undergoing a painful courtship to win his desired object, Arveragus undertakes additional burdens under the charade of being a good lover. Chaucer criticizes th e requirements of courtly love by placing such pursuits directly at odds with their objects. Arveragus self-imposes a two-year separation from Dorigen is an effort to seke in armes worshipe and honour. (139). Why must a husband leave his wife to prove he is worthy of her love? His decision to leave his bride after only a year of marriage suggests the value he places upon success in the public eye overrides the need to be attentive to his private affairs. In fact, Arveragus pursues this task with more enthusiasm than he shows in any of his interactions with this wife. Perhaps the lust he sette in swich labour (140) indicates Arveragus preference to be a warrior lover in the public sphere instead of a servant in his private sphere. On the battlefield, he can through virile performance release some of the sexual frustrations which develop from the constraints in his marriage. Assuming this is true, his departure represents a revolt against his powerless position in his marriage. D origen strengthens the possibility of marital bliss existing only as a pretense when she pines away for her husband not as one would secure in the belief that he will return to her, but as if she is apprehensive about his desire to voluntarily leave the battlefield. He sends her lettres hoom of his welfare, (166) establishing that her worries extend beyond mere concern with his health. Although Dorigens reaction to the separation from her husband is marked by her profound sense of grief, there seems to be a melodramatic insincerity in her response. She weeps as doon these noble wyves whan hem lyketh, (146) suggesting her mourning is a ploy to win her friends sympathies and their attentions to every confort possible in this cas (154). Perhaps she is behaving in concert with the belief that true lovers suffer from a physical and emotional malady, amor hereos. Her belief that with good hope lete hir sorwe slyde (175) further establishes the facade of grief is easily replaced with a face of good cheer when it befits her interests. The already weak links in this marriage culminate in Aurelius pursuit of Dorigen. The very fact that Aurelius undertakes the methods of a courtly lover in an attempt to covet another mans wife implies that in this courtly environment the sacred vows of truth in marriage are commonly corrupted by adultery. Although Dorigen rejects his advances and pledges to grant him her love only if he performs a task she deems impossible, it shows the fault of a society operating under a system where relationships exists only when they fulfill predetermined conditions. If Dorigen faithfully enters her promise of truth to her husband, she would not respond to Aurelius as she does- Than wol I love yow best of any man / Have heer my trouthe in al that evere I can (326). The last few words imply that truth in marriage is all but impossible for its promisors to uphold. Dorigens conflicting words Ne shal I nevere been untrewe wfy (312) reveal the inevitable failure of her pledge of faithfulness.Once Arveragus discovers Dorigens promise to Aurelius, his humble reaction reflects the state of imbalance in the marriage. The ridiculous length with which Arveragus goes to maintain his adherence to the idea that [t]routhe is the hyest thing that man may kepe (807) is incompatible with the behavior of a man deeply in love. Although their marital vows provide grounds for Dorigen to avoid fulfillment of her promise, he releases her to commit adultery with glade chere in freendly wyse (795). His response seem highly inappropriate, perhaps there is a pun on the word fiendish, considering that he values the pledge of truth to an outsider who plots to sabotage the preexisting truth in the relationship with his wife. He values the societal maintenance of truth to such an extreme degree that he would rather dye in sorwe and in distresse (924) than allow his wife to tarnish her commitment to truth less it be a reflection upon him. Concu rrently, he treats truth hypocritically by forbidding Dorigen upon the peyne of deeth (809) of telling anyone of this affair. There lies a contradiction in his pledge to kill her if she threatens his honor while he concurrently allows himself to be cuckolded which is also a peril to his honor. Explaining this discrepancy could be the possibility that he dispatches her as a demonstration of his maistre (75) over her actions- the one condition that eliminates the possibility of love. The tears could be either a melodramatic attempt to feign his concern for her well being or a realization that he sacrifices a bit of honor in gaining dominance in the relationship.Marriage becomes a conduit for men to display their grete gentillesse (851) instead of a union of lovers. After Dorigens careless promise to Aurelius, she becomes a pawn in the high stake display of chivalric behavior. The concerns with rank emerges as a challenge of gallantry and honor which forces the knight, squire, and the philosopher to release each other from their truths. The fact that they are so willing to part with their pledges demonstrates the value placed upon words is directly tied to how it reflects upon social standing. The virtue of generosity becomes so entangled with the self-interests that no one commits acts of good will without ulterior motives of personal gain, framing this irony is the Franklins question Which was the moste free, as thnketh yowe? (950). If a world places a higher position on truth in external interaction than it grants to private relationships, true love in the courtly tradition of behavior targeted to further self interest can never survive. In the tales conclusion, Dorigen and Arveragus place the masks they wear when facing the outside world and reunite in a farce of mutually contentment. Perhaps never eft ne was there angre hem bitwene (881) although the wording suggests likewise, but even assuming that there is no discord, there appears to be no pas sionate love either.

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Privacy And The Privacy Of Privacy - 1626 Words

Privacy is the ability to maintain what or who can access and see your personal content and information. With that, the idea of privacy is different amongst different cultures and countries, while they all differ, they share common characteristics. The act of sharing ones own personal information is decision one must make on their own. Privacy is a right that all people should have and the government has the responsibility of maintaining that right. Data such as personal emails, bank details, medical records, and passwords need to remain safe and secure to ensure privacy is not invaded. With the controversy of intrusion of privacy, this has forced various governments to make laws and clarifications of laws in multiple countries. For example, in the United States, the principle underlying meaning of the fourth and the Fifth Amendment is the protection against the invasion of the sanctity of a person’s home and the privacy of life. Now, there are more factors that go into privac y than, say 100 years ago.Between 1850 and 1890, the United States newspaper circulation increased by 1000% from 100 papers with only 800,000 readers to 900 papers with more than 8 million readers (Warren Brandeis). In earlier times, it was much easier to keep your business to yourself, but with the increase in journalism and increase in technology, it has become progressively harder to keep your privacy. Included in the advances of technology, the first handheld camera, which was lighter than theShow MoreRelatedPrivacy And The Privacy Of Privacy1803 Words   |  8 PagesFirstly, it would be a good idea to explain exactly what privacy is and then discuss the importance of privacy and some of the legal consequences that could arise when violating a patient’s privacy. I’ve always believed that privacy is one of the most important things when it comes to the patient s care. One of the main forms of privacy that I would like to discuss is, Informational privacy which is defined as the privacy of personal information and usually relates to personal data stored on computerRead MorePrivacy And The Privacy Of Privacy1735 Words   |  7 PagesIn today’s society, the word â€Å"privacy† has become ubiquitous. When discussing whether government surveillance and data collection pose a threat to privacy, the most common retort against privacy advocates – by those in favor of databases, video surveillance, spyware, data mining and other modern surveillance measures – is this line: If I’m not doing anything wrong, what would I have to hide? The allowance of the government’s gathering and analysis of our personal information stems from an inadequateRead MorePrivacy : Privacy And Privacy1504 Words   |  7 PagesPrivacy advocates warn that many Websites try to collect personal information from online users, but few guarantees how that data will be used. They say the federal government should establish standards to pro tect privacy online. But Internet businesses and others contend that they can safeguard users privacy without resorting to government interference. Law-enforcement agencies, meanwhile, favor government limitations on the use of sophisticated encryption technology, which makes online communicationsRead MorePrivacy : Privacy And Privacy1509 Words   |  7 Pages Privacy advocates warn that many websites try to collect personal information from online users, but few guarantees how that data will be used. They say the federal government should establish standards to protect privacy online. But Internet businesses and others contend that they can safeguard users privacy without resorting to government interference. Law-enforcement agencies, meanwhile, favor government limitations on the use of sophisticated encryption technology, which makes online communicationsRead MorePrivacy Issues : Privacy And Privacy Essay2250 Words   |  9 PagesPrivacy Privacy has been a thing for consideration ever since the early days and has even become more worrisome recently with the evolvement of information technology. Individuals around the world value their privacy and the protection of their personal information. Having a knowledge of who is accessing their information and what it is being used for. But with the recent and rapid evolvement of IT, information privacy is being threatened and individuals no longer possess the control over who hasRead MorePrivacy And The Right Of Privacy Essay1057 Words   |  5 Pagesright to access to information, individual’s privacy. There is free flow of data and information on web which provides a great threat to the right of privacy. So sharing personal information with web at any stake is not what one can consider as wise decision. Privacy is individuals condition of life which is kept safe from rest of the world or Privacy is the right to be left alone. Carl Landwehr in his article â€Å"Privacy and Security† states that, â€Å"privacy is preserved when in- formation remains withinRead MorePrivacy And The Right Of Privacy993 Words   |  4 PagesEveryone should have their own privacy in order to secure our personal and business. Most people do not like when some stranger is keep looking at you anything you do and talk. In 1984, that is called Big Brother is watching you through the telescreen. Telescreen can always see and hear whatever people are doing and privacy setting. There are no such as privacy and secrets because telescreens were everywhere such as streets, houses and restrooms. In 1984, the main character is Winston Smith who worksRead MoreFacebook Privacy And The Privacy Essay1835 Words   |  8 Pages Facebook Privacy As technology advances in social media websites such as Facebook ( have grown and become a platform for over 1.7 billion users around the world. Facebook may be used for many individuals to display their life on the internet and connect with others. Facebook being a part of many people s life opens a controversial topic about how some employers during job interviews will ask for a prospective employee s Facebook username and password. Many Facebook users may findRead MorePrivacy And Privacy In 19841630 Words   |  7 PagesIn the book 1984, by George Orwell, privacy was a very rare thing and not a lot of people were able to have it. The book was based in a city named Oceania, which was controlled by a totalitarian government with its leader being Big Brother. In this dystopia, the citizens have no control over their lives. Privacy was never fully granted by the totalitarian government. To make sure the citizens were being loyal to their government, they were constant ly being watched whether they liked it or not. TheyRead MorePrivacy Is The Right Of Privacy920 Words   |  4 Pagesnot contain reference to privacy, but privacy has been implied in the constitution. Originally, privacy is the right of everyone to be physically free from being observed or disturbed by other people. Technology has change the meaning of privacy when it became part of our daily life. Nowadays, one can be observed or disturbed through internet or any electronic devises. Privacy has become an issue for everyone when technology played a role on helping third party violate privacy; as a result, the constitution

Othello By Shakespeare Essay Example For Students

Othello By Shakespeare Essay In William Shakespeares play Othello, there lurks an evil that far issurpasses the darkness of the devil, it lies in the antagonist Iago. Othello whopasses Iago up for a promotion simply because Iago is not a arithmetician,swears to take his revenge and destroy the moor and every thing Othello holdsdear. Through this Iago plays judge, jury, and executioner, but is Iagosjustice justified or does his justice go far beyond the point of justice that hecrosses the line. Once that line is crossed there is a point of no return. Allbarriers that may have at one point existed are now broken. Iagos justice cannever be justified, by taking or causing the bloodshed of the innocent for hisown personal gain is no more justified then murder in cold blood. What everpromotion Iago is entitled to or what ever rights he may have is gone when hedecides to create his own law. Nor should he posses the power to influence anddecide the fate of others. I hate the Moor;..Hell and night must bringthis monstrou s birth to the worlds light (I.ii.20). Iago intend toabuse Othellos ear and convince Othello his wife Desdemona is anadultress, framed to make women false (I.i.20). Iago plans to bring thedevils evil to earth in order to get his revenge on Othello. Although Iagosjustice can never be justified his anger pointed towards Othello can be. Despiteall the rage, fury, resentment, prejudice, and anger Iago feels towards Othello;Iago feels all this and more to the appointed lieutenant Michael Cassio. ForCassio has never had experience on the battle field, A fellow almost damndin a fair wife; That never set a squadron in the field, Nor the division of abattle knows (I.i.1). Iago also points out that preferment goes by letterand affection (I.i.2). Iago is well aware of the fact that he is morequalified for the position but choices are based upon brain and not achievementson the field. In Iagos pursuit of destroying the Moor and achieving hisrightful position he destroys so many lives. Michael C assio is soon striped ofhis position due to Iagos deceit. Othellos fair wife Desdemona is murderedby her own husband after Othellos mind is poisoned by the honest Iago. Iago leads Othello to believe that Cassio and Desdemona are having an affair,Iago not only accomplishes this by words of deceit but by providing proof. After attaining the first gift Othello ever gave to Desdemona he plans inCassios lodging lose this napkin, and let him find it. Trifles light as airAre to the jealous confirmations strong as proofs of holy writ: this may dosomething. The Moor already changes with my poison: Dangerous conceits are inthe natures poisons, Which at the first are scarce found to distaste but with alittle act upon blood burn like the mines of sulphur (III.iii.50). Afterdeciding the fate of Michael Cassio, Desdemona, Othello, Roderigo, Emilia, andhis own, Iago can no longer justify his actions or his revenge when confronted. Othello asks why hath thus ensnared my soul and body all Iago could say inresponse is demand me nothing; what you know, you know: from this time forthI never will speak word (V.ii.90). In Iagos silence and refusal to givejustified reasons to his crusade is speechlessness. If his reasons were indeed justified Iago would have spoken in his own defense. In the end of thisShakespeare tragedy order is restored, Iago is brought to justice. But notbefore the blood of the innocent is shed. Revenge by hurting and condemning theinnocent while in pursuit of personal gain is never justified. Although Iagosanger towards Othello may have been, Iagos justice crosses the line. Allbarriers that separate the human race from man and animal have been broken down. .u1c2e61c4a18d277fd2428eccadf57a7d , .u1c2e61c4a18d277fd2428eccadf57a7d .postImageUrl , .u1c2e61c4a18d277fd2428eccadf57a7d .centered-text-area { min-height: 80px; position: relative; } .u1c2e61c4a18d277fd2428eccadf57a7d , .u1c2e61c4a18d277fd2428eccadf57a7d:hover , .u1c2e61c4a18d277fd2428eccadf57a7d:visited , .u1c2e61c4a18d277fd2428eccadf57a7d:active { border:0!important; } .u1c2e61c4a18d277fd2428eccadf57a7d .clearfix:after { content: ""; display: table; clear: both; } .u1c2e61c4a18d277fd2428eccadf57a7d { display: block; transition: background-color 250ms; webkit-transition: background-color 250ms; width: 100%; opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #95A5A6; } .u1c2e61c4a18d277fd2428eccadf57a7d:active , .u1c2e61c4a18d277fd2428eccadf57a7d:hover { opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #2C3E50; } .u1c2e61c4a18d277fd2428eccadf57a7d .centered-text-area { width: 100%; position: relative ; } .u1c2e61c4a18d277fd2428eccadf57a7d .ctaText { border-bottom: 0 solid #fff; color: #2980B9; font-size: 16px; font-weight: bold; margin: 0; padding: 0; text-decoration: underline; } .u1c2e61c4a18d277fd2428eccadf57a7d .postTitle { color: #FFFFFF; font-size: 16px; font-weight: 600; margin: 0; padding: 0; width: 100%; } .u1c2e61c4a18d277fd2428eccadf57a7d .ctaButton { background-color: #7F8C8D!important; color: #2980B9; border: none; border-radius: 3px; box-shadow: none; font-size: 14px; font-weight: bold; line-height: 26px; moz-border-radius: 3px; text-align: center; text-decoration: none; text-shadow: none; width: 80px; min-height: 80px; background: url(; position: absolute; right: 0; top: 0; } .u1c2e61c4a18d277fd2428eccadf57a7d:hover .ctaButton { background-color: #34495E!important; } .u1c2e61c4a18d277fd2428eccadf57a7d .centered-text { display: table; height: 80px; padding-left : 18px; top: 0; } .u1c2e61c4a18d277fd2428eccadf57a7d .u1c2e61c4a18d277fd2428eccadf57a7d-content { display: table-cell; margin: 0; padding: 0; padding-right: 108px; position: relative; vertical-align: middle; width: 100%; } .u1c2e61c4a18d277fd2428eccadf57a7d:after { content: ""; display: block; clear: both; } READ: Death Penalty - Herrera Vs Collins EssayFor Iago to decide the fate of so many innocent in pursuit of hurting Othellomakes him no different than Satan.

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Killer Whales Essays - Megafauna, Baleen Whales, Apex Predators

Killer Whales The scientific order of all types of whales is Cetacea. This large order is broken down into three further groups as well: the toothed whales or Odontoceti, which includes killer whales, dolphins, porpoises, beluga whales, and sperm whales, the baleen whales or Mysticeti, which include blue whales, humpback whales, gray whales, and right whales, and the Archaeoceti order, which are all now extinct. The genus of these species is Orcinus orca. Family. The killer whale is the largest in its family of delphinid. Bottlenose dolphins, common dolphins, and Pacific white-sided dolphins are included in this group as well. The scientific name for this family is Delphinidae. Fossil Record. Modern forms of both odontocetes and mysticetes can be seen in the fossil record of five to seven million years ago. Scientists believe that early whales arose about fifty-five to sixty-five million years ago from, now extinct, ancient land mammals that happened to venture back into the sea. Habitat And Distribution: Distribution. Killer whales can be found in all oceans of the world. They are the most numerous in the Arctic Ocean and the Antarctic. However, their distribution is limited by seasonal pack ice. Habitat. The main living environment for killer whales is open oceans but they can also be found in coastal waters as well. Migration. Killer whales are very important in the oceans because they cause much of the migration of many fish and other prey. The movements of the killer whale to and from certain areas cause the other prey to move as well. Population. The worldwide population of killer whales is unknown, however they are not endangered whatsoever. Specific populations in a few areas have been estimated in recent years and some areas of the Antarctic alone have about 180,000 killer whales. The population can be distinguished because killer whales travel in pods, or groups. The resident pods can vary from as few as five to as many as fifty whales. The transient pod size varies from one and seven individuals. Physical Characteristics: Size. Male killer whales average about twenty-two to twenty-seven feet and usually weigh between 8,000 and 12,000 pounds. The largest male ever recorded was thirty-two feet and weighed about 21,000 pounds. As a male approaches adulthood, it acquires the typical male characteristics: it gains weight, and its pectoral flippers, dorsal fin, and flukes grow larger than those of females. Female killer whales average about seventeen to twenty-four feet and usually weigh between 3,000 and 8,000 pounds. The largest female recorded was twenty-eight feet and weight about 15,000 pounds. Body Shape. The killer whale has a sleek, streamlined body. Its physical characteristics are adapted for life in an aquatic environment. Coloration. Killer whales are easily recognized by their distinct coloration. The dorsal surface and pectoral flippers are black, except for the area below and behind the dorsal fin. The ventral surface, lower jaw, and undersides of the tail flukes are mostly white and the undersides of the tail fluke are lined with black. A white "eyespot" is located just above and slightly behind each eye and a gray saddle is located behind the dorsal fin. The distinctive coloration of killer whales is a type of disruptive coloration, a camouflage in which the color pattern of an animal contradicts the animal's body shape. By the flickering, filtered sunlight of the sea, other animals may not recognize a killer whale as a potential predator. Thus, making it easy for the killer whale to get to its prey. Body Parts. A killer whale has distinct pectoral flippers, or forelimbs. They have the major skeletal elements of the forelimb's of land mammals, but they are foreshortened and modified. They are rounded and paddle-like and are used mainly to steer and, with the help of the flukes, to stop. The flukes are the lobe of the tail on a killer whale. They are flattened pads of tough, dense, fibrous connective tissue, completely without bone. A large male killer whale may have tail flukes measuring up to nine feet from tip to tip. All traces of hind limbs have disappeared except for two reduced, rod- shaped pelvic bones, which are buried deep in the body muscle. These reduced hind limbs are not connected to the vertebral column however. The dorsal fin, like the flukes, is made of dense, fibrous connective tissue with no bones. It acts as a keel, stabilizing a killer whale as it swims. The arteries in this fin help to maintain body temperature. In males, the dorsal fin is tall and triangular and in females it may by

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Potato extract essays

Potato extract essays From the results we have, our group has concluded that the entire hypothesis were correct. When there is less of the potato extract, the reaction time is slower. When there is more of the potato extract, the reaction time is faster. We also concluded that when the amount of the enzyme is changed then the reaction rate is faster. Most of the hypothesis that I thought of was correct. The Lab was pretty fun. At the same time it was really challenging. My partner did not do anything. I figured out without the graphs or class averages you could not be positive of what happened The materials we used to do our lab are the following, a 400ml beaker of distilled water, two 10ml graduated cylinders, and two 25ml graduated cylinders, two 50ml graduated cylinders, two 100ml beakers, one pair of scissors and a stopwatch. The first procedure of the experiment was make five different percentages of solution of potato extract, which were, 0%, 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%. The next thing we did was cut ou t fifteen penny sized filter paper disks for the three trials for each percent of solution. Next, we placed a filter paper disk into each percent of solution; we repeated this three times to get three trials. After placing a filter paper disk into the solution, we placed the disk on a paper towel to remove any excess liquid, and then transferred the filter paper disk to the bottom of the beaker with the hydrogen peroxide. We then timed how long the filter paper took to rise to the top of the beaker. After timing all the trials for all the solution percents, we put the times on a chart and made their averages. My Lab is about the function of enzymes. Enzymes are catalysts; they speed up chemical reactions without being used in the reaction. A lot of Enzymes have protein in them. In living things, enzymes speed up chemical reactions, which allow lining things to carry out many different chemical feats. We are working with the enzyme: potato extract. Our hypot...

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The HR Role in Transformational Period in the Health Care Sector in Ab Essay

The HR Role in Transformational Period in the Health Care Sector in Abu Dhabi Emirate - Essay Example Moreover, a satisfied workforce is an integral element of an effective CRM strategy. In a very competitive society, these elements are even more important. To understand this concept, it must be realized that the number of patients increases by small amounts whereas new facilities sprout up every other day. Thus there is a very important relationship between sound human resource practice and successful hospital management. The recent government has taken many measures to improve the quality of health care being provided to citizens of UAE. The flag of change on this front has basically been carried by two organizations. The ministry of health in association with SEHA has taken many different initiatives to improve the healthcare system in UAE. There is always a primary theme behind every change process which defines the vision of change. The primary theme of health sector reforms by SEHA and Ministry of Health has been ‘standardization’. This change process aimed at standardization has three primary strategies: (QPR) for Health Care Professionals is to ensure that all Health Professionals of the Health Authority –Abu Dhabi (HAAD) meet and maintain qualification and experience standards as required to ensure a quality health care, within University accepted health care standards. The achievement of JCI accreditation is accepted for the purposes of initial licensure in the specific areas covered by the accreditation process. Professional Standards, regulations, and guidelines related to Health professionals should be produced in HAAD. This functions as an inspection and quality control mechanism which ensures that changes are aimed at the long run. Al Corniche was built as a maternity hospital, with the sole purpose of providing health care to women and children. In 1970’s the time of its inception it was the only hospital providing such services on a public  level.